We are currently in the red phase of the traffic light system – for more information about what to expect in red please visit . For more information on COVID-19 health & testing advice please visit  .

All patient appointments will be virtual but if you are acutely unwell and feel you need to see a GP in person please call our  receptionists to discuss.

All prescriptions will be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice, no scripts to be collected in person.

Other useful websites are:

Ministry of Health

Unite Against COVID

For COVID positive patients and their family some useful information

Now that face coverings are mandatory in public places, here’s some helpful links to info on wearing and removing your face covering and how to make them.

  • How to wear a face covering safely

  • How to safely remove a face covering

How to make a face covering

  • No sewing

  • Sewing


Health Navigator – NZ health information