New Patients

Registering with Vivian Medical Centre is easy and has so many benefits for you and your family including:

  • Getting access to the ManageMyHealth app which puts you in charge of your health records
  • Receive priority access to our clinical team and same-day appointments, if available
  • Pay less for the services you receive (compared to casual patients)

Enrolment forms will need to be completed at our clinic, our staff will take care of arranging for your medical notes to be transferred from your existing provider.

Photo ID will be required for registration on our online portal, ManageMyHealth.   There is no charge to sign up to MMH, all patients are encouraged to sign up.

Appointments – These can be booked online via ManageMyHealth.  Our centre is busy so please phone as early as possible for your appointment. While every attempt is made to accommodate patients, patients will need to see their own GP.  New Patient Appointments, will be 30 minutes,  as a chance to get to know each other, check health records are up to date, and do a bit of a “warrant of fitness”.  We require this new patient appointment soon after enrolling (once patient info from previous GP is received).


There is a charge for appointments not attended.

Repeat Prescriptions – Requests must be in writing, preferably using ManageMyHealth repeat script option. Please allow for at least 2 working days for scripts to be processed and signed. There is an extra charge for same-day scripts. You may be asked to come in for a review before a repeat prescription can be issued.

Test Results – All test results are viewed daily by the doctor or nurse who ordered them. We do not routinely notify patients with normal results, should you want to receive your results via email please speak to Reception about registering with Manage My Health.  

Completion of Forms – There will be a charge for forms, with a minimum charge of $ 15 but this will depend on information required and time taken.


  • Private – when you choose to go privately (at your own cost) your GP will ask you to make the appointment with the preferred specialist and they will forward a referral letter.
  • Public – When a referral is sent to the Hospital it is prioritised by the specialist and you are notified of the waiting time you have to get an appointment. If you have not heard from the hospital after four weeks please let reception know so that it can be followed up.

Telephone – Our phone system allows you to choose your option.   If you know the extension you do not need to listen to the whole message before making your choice. The list is as follows

Press 1 for     Reception / Appointments / General Enquiries / Nurse call backs

Press 2 for  Practice Manager

Enrolment – All regular patients are urged to register. This entitles you to a government subsidy which markedly reduces your consultation fees. You will also benefit from being on our recall system for things like immunisations, cervical smears, mammograms and many other regular checks.

Fees – Regular  fees apply to a standard consultation of up to 15 minutes. This usually allows time to deal with one main or two smaller issues and includes time for the doctor to write up notes. If you have many issues to discuss, please make sure that you address the most urgent one first. Due to time constraints, you may be asked to make another appointment in order to deal with each issue properly. Extended consultation may incur an additional charge.

A full fees schedule is available on our website.

Payment – This is expected on the day of consultation. Alternative arrangements are available eg. Automatic Payments or you can pay online to: VMC Limited, TSB Bank 15 3942 0798400 10

(Please ensure reference includes full name & NHI or DOB)

If you have NOT made any arrangement for payment within one month, then the account may be referred to a debt recovery agency, which adds extra costs you will be liable for.

Useful Websites


Privacy of health information is paramount to all health service providers in this centre. We are bound by health ethics and the Health Information Privacy code.

Our privacy policy is available at reception. Please take time to read the information from the Health & Disability Commissioner regarding your rights as a patient. This can be found in the waiting area, or obtained from the office.

As an integrated medical practice we often have to share personal health information with other health providers to ensure the best delivery of services. If you have concerns regarding this, please discuss them with your doctor or nurse.


If you are unhappy with anything about our service, please contact our Complaints Officer by email or call on (06) 758 5015 option 3.


If you should change any of your details please let reception staff know so that contact details are up to date.